This is a  brief summary of some of the major Firewise Wyoming - Natrona County Projects and Objectives:


     1.  Conduct Wildfire Hazard home site and structure Assessments for landowners on Casper Mountain and

          other wildland urban-interface areas.

     2.  Assist area landowners to implement Wildfire Hazard Reduction Projects on their properties, including the

          use of a cost share program.

     3.  Create and implement FIREWISE information and education through workshops, educational material, PSA’s

          and other related articles for local and statewide publications.

     4.  Developed a new “Firewise Wyoming” Website -

     5.  Eight demonstration sites have been developed on Casper Mountain so landowners can view examples of

          wildfire mitigation projects.

     6.  Work with landowners to develop Forest Stewardship Defensible Space Plans and Forest Management Plans.

     7.  Update a Wildfire Mitigation plan for Casper Mountain, as well as Wildfire Hazard maps and related GPS

          locations data.

     8.  Offer a FIREWISE plant/landscaping list.

This is a list of our Key Collaborators and Partners:


Casper Mountain Fire Protection District

Casper Mountain Forest Stewardship Association

Casper Mountain Landowners

City of Casper Fire Department

City of Casper Leisure Services

Natrona County Conservation District

Natrona County Fire Protection District

Natrona County Sheriff Emergency Management

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Natrona County Parks/Road and Bridge

Natrona County Fire Warden

National Park Service

State Board of Realtors

Statewide Media & Press Associations

Town of Bar Nunn Fire Department

Town of Mills Fire Department

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

UW Cooperative Extension Service

Wyoming Association of Independent Agents

Wyoming Association of Home Builders

Wyoming Association of Municipalities

Wyoming Conference of Building Officials

Wyoming County Commissioners Association

Wyoming Planning Association

Wyoming State Forestry Division