PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM WILDFIRE  -  This brochure has been prepared for all homeowners and landowners who live in Wyoming. The guidelines offered apply to all residential and urban areas, farm land, ranches, open fields, hillsides, and mountain areas. The tips and recommendations will help prevent your home from being lost to a devastating wildland fire. The information was developed as a result of actual experience by agencies, and firefighters, who carefully identified factors that have been successful in minimizing the risk from wildland fires.

FIREWISE STRUCTURES  -  This Guide offers design and construction strategies that can minimize property losses from wildland or forest fires. It is intended for architects, engineers, planners, contractors, builders, homeowners, landowners, or anyone considering building or modifying any structure in a Wildland-Urban Interface environment. The publication offers measures for reducing the fire risk, recognizing that you can “trade-off” various design features of the building’s exterior and its surroundings to meet FIREWISE requirements

THE MOUNTAIN PINE BEETLE  -  Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB) are one of the most damaging insect pests of Wyoming's pine forests. The MPB has caused extensive damage to trees on mountains, and in urban or urban-interface areas. The problem exists Statewide in any forested area. MPB develop in all mature pine species, especially in ponderosa, lodgepole and limber pine. This brochure offers valuable information about MPB signs and symptoms, its history and habits, evidence of infesttation, control and prevention options, and treatment methods.

CMFSA NEWSLETTER  -  This is a periodic Newsletter published by the Casper Mountain Forest Stewardship Association. It provides information about current topics and activities related primarily to Casper Mountain and Casper Mountain landowners, but many of the articles are applicable to all Wyoming residents whether mountain, rural or urban. Click the publication Date to download a full PDF.
RECOVERY AFTER A WILDFIRE - Wildfires are an integral part of nature. They can have many positive effects on plant ecology and wildlife but also can have devastating effects on life and property. The information in this booklet is offered to help landowners reduce or eliminate the harmful results caused by a wildfire, and minimize the impact of future wildfires.

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