Can I Trust a New Online Casinos?

Locating the safest online games and trusting new casinos: what are the certifications to watch out for?

Unlike the big casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, Internet casinos don’t have a gaming commission looking over their shoulders to ensure that all the games are fair and overboard. You have to do a background check before you should trust any new casino. Although the vast majority of online casinos are honest, there are a few unscrupulous operators who have cheated customers, either with bogus software which rarely lets you win or by closing shop after they have taken your deposit. Trusting any new online casino automatically can be very detrimental to your wallet .

The first step before trusting a new casino: Online watchdogs

Trusting any casino and starting to play can be daunting. You have to locate the honest sites and weed out the dishonest ones. Instead of hacking your way through the jungle, follow the paths paved by other pioneers.

There are several watchdog Web sites which offer rankings, recommendations, warnings, and tips to maximize your online gambling experience. Check out their message boards in particular. Reading about others’ experiences, good and bad, about believing new casinos, can be incredibly helpful.

Fortunately, the vast majority of Internet casinos are safe to play, so it is more important to know which places to avoid. The watchdog sites cover those sites in their blacklisted section. You have to be careful before trusting all new casinos. In fact, you can play at hundreds of cyber casinos and be cheated only a few times. In almost every case, you could have avoided that aggravation if you had first visited a watchdog site before depositing any cold cash.

Just as financial planners advise you to diversify your investments, similarly, it is suggested that you spread your gambling dollars among different casinos to help reduce the risk. Even after you have done your homework and homed in on the best sites, divide your money up among ten or so safe sites, instead of putting $5,000 on one location.

Sticking to reputable software suppliers:
One factor that watchdog sites base their evaluations on is the casino’s software. Although there are notable exceptions, most casinos buy their software packages from a trusted outside source.

Checking out license origin:
Another good barometer of integrity is the country where the casino holds a license. For example, a casino originating in Australia or the Isle of Man has a far greater chance of being regulated because of the sterling reputation of its government.

Identifying other signs of a good site-
Picking the right internet casino, especially if it is a new casino is critical if you want to enjoy your online gaming experience. It is very frustrating to spend weeks or even months watching the mailbox, hoping that some rogue casino finally pays the money it owes you.

Here are some of the other factors that are important to check out before logging on to an online casino:

1) Customer service: The casino site should have 24/7 free tech support, either online or by phone.
2) Licensing jurisdiction: Knowing whether the casino has a license and from where, is helpful.
3) Secure transactions: With identity theft on the rise, no one wants personal information or credit card numbers floating around in cyberspace. Any reputable Internet casino should ensure that this problem doesn’t happen.
4) Independent audits: Not all sites have this feature, but an independent audit by a known outside auditor can provide peace of mind.
5) Cool graphics: Although cool graphics don’t reflect a game’s security, a pretty face sure makes playing more interesting, especially in games where you may be staring at the screen for hours. The background, colors, and bells and whistles can make a big difference.
6) Variety of games: No site is worth downloading if it doesn’t have your favorite game.

Selecting the best games for Internet play:
Most Internet casinos offer every game (and even a few new ones) that your local casino has. From blackjack to baccarat, you’re sure to find your favorite form of gambling online and, if you follow the rules we have laid out for you, have a fun (and hopefully profitable!) time playing.


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