How to get online bonuses from Casinos?

Taking Advantage of Promos and Giveaways
Though not totally exclusive to the Internet, Sit and Go (SNG) poker tournaments have blossomed online. Their principle is simple: rather than compete in a long, full-fledged tournament, you simply sign up (sit down) and wait until your table (six to ten players) is full. You then play until only one player is holding the chips. SNGs are popular because they appeal to people’s love of instant gratification and risk-avoidance. Games rarely take more than an hour to crown the champion and losses can’t exceed your initial buy-in. You can earn nice online bonuses from these tournaments.

1) Remember the golden rule: start out conservative. Initially, the blinds (the mandatory bet before a hand starts) are small, as are the chips to fight over. Establishing a tight image early by playing only select hands is a good idea because that may help you steal pots later with weaker hands, when the stakes are higher.
2) Play for third place: The standard prize structure for a ten-player tournament pays 50 percent of the entry fees for first, 30 percent for second, and 20 percent for third place. Hence, if you can survive until the final three, you guarantee yourself a profit and potentially earn an online bonus if the casino offers it.
3) Your Internet casino definitely doesn’t feature an exploding volcano. Nor does it have a wild pirate battle, a roller coaster or a dolphin habitat. However, those extravaganzas don’t have the slightest effect on the actual games inside the casino. If you are present just for the games, you don’t miss the sideshow.

The main difference between online and brick-and-mortar casinos is the lower overhead. In addition to all the razzmatazz, online casinos don’t have to pay for dealers, pit bosses, slot clerks or even janitors.

As online casinos can make so much money, new operators open their virtual doors all the time. Consequently, more than one thousand Internet casinos currently serve the world’s gamblers and they compete fiercely for your business, so, as a common marketing strategy, Internet casinos offer new customers signup online bonuses which typically run from 10 to 100 percent of your initial deposit (although they usually have a maximum cap on the bonus). Getting extra cash upfront through these online bonuses is a terrific way to stretch your bankroll. Usually, these online bonuses are restricted to certain games (sometimes, the worst games), but if you have a choice, blackjack and video poker are the best internet bonuses because these two games have very favorable odds.

Remember the old adage about any deal that looks too good to be true? A number of Internet casinos send e-mails with fantastic online bonus offers but, if you read the terms and conditions, you discover the headline claims are more than a bit deceptive. Don’t fall for these tricks: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

In many cases, to claim a bonus, you must play through the deposited amount a certain number of times (15 times, for example) to qualify. Be careful not to play longer than necessary to claim your online bonuses. Remember, especially if you are playing a negative expectancy game, every extra hand dilutes the value of any online bonus. When you are losing, it is easy to keep on playing in a desperate attempt to get even, so fortify your willpower and always remember: if your odds of walking away in the black are 10% or less, it might be time to walk away…at least for a little while!


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