Online payments and methods in internet gambling

It is easy to get started gambling online. For the most part, by clicking and dragging on a computer or other internet device makes gambling more convenient and faster than in-casino play, with one major exception — transferring the money. This is because online gambling has no dealer and your computer doesn’t have a handy deposit slot. You need to go through a few online hoops to get your money into play and then get paid when you are done. In general, most online payment methods are a little cumbersome, but only initially.

You can usually deposit any dollar amount, up to the daily maximum as set by the casino, into your account. After you fund your account, you typically can use that money to play any of the various games throughout the casino and make payments using whichever online payment method the casino offers.

Deciding how you pay may take some thought because options may be limited. You can send a personal check if you are patient enough to wait for snail mail to arrive. Alternatively, you can send a money order or wire to the casino. However, most players prefer other online payment and methods.

Putting it on a credit card:
Using a credit card to establish your deposit can be a quick and seamless way to go. This is considered a proper online payment method. Nevertheless you should be aware: Credit cards vary, depending on the bank. Although some banks allow gambling-related transactions, many banks may decline them outright.

It is possible that a few banks may turn down the transaction initially, but they ultimately approve it if you call to authorize it. Despite the credit-card restrictions, whenever there is business to be made by the bank, someone finds a way to make it happen. Internet casinos sometimes skirt the credit card prohibitions with this technique: When you make a deposit at a specific online casino, your credit-card statement may show a completely different and seemingly unrelated establishment — Gibraltar Boat Sales, for example.

Paying through a third-party processor:
The industry leader for escorting money from your wallet to your favorite Internet casino is NETELLER. This online account works with electronic fund transfers, bank wires, or credit cards. Fire pay is another respected company that serves as a middle man.

Whichever online payment and methods you use, be conservative about the size of your deposit, especially when you first start out. The temptation to chase your losses online is much greater, and the games are much faster. For example, you can play nearly ten times as many blackjack hands per hour online compared to playing at a real casino.

Accessing your winnings:
1. Always keep good records for each site you gamble on, documenting not only your username and password but also any remaining balance in the account.
2. Believe it or not, players routinely leave thousands of dollars at Internet casinos and never come back to claim their funds!
3. You can usually request to cash out either all or part of the money in your account at any time. The best Internet casinos process your request immediately and cheerfully send the funds within a day. However, some shady sites may take weeks to pay while putting you off with a litany of excuses. As a result, it is recommended that you play only in reputable casinos endorsed by the watch dog groups.

In most cases, the online payment and method will be made to you in the same way you used to deposit the money. For example, if you funded your account through NETELLER, then the Internet casino uses that same vehicle to return money to you when you cash out. One exception is credit cards. For example, if your initial deposit of $200 was made with a credit card and you doubled your money, the online casino processes your $400 as such: The casino can only pay back $200 to your credit card; the casino has to pay you any winnings via another method, such as check, wire, and so on.

Many online payment methods can be used free of cost. Transferring money to and from the casino is usually free, although some casinos take a service charge, especially if you do multiple transactions a month. You may also have to pay bank wire and delivery fees.

You don’t need to cash out after every session. If you plan on playing again, leave the money parked in your account. All you need to remember is not to forget it. Keep track of your online payment and methods. There is one downside to leaving your money in the account: Always having money available for gambling may create unneeded temptations or, the worst case scenario: the casino holding your life savings may go out of business. Choose your online play site well.


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