Possible Tensions Beetween Playtech and William Hill?

It’s been already two years since the signing of the William Hill and Playtech joint venture agreement. According to this, William Hill Plc received access to Playtech’s famous casino, poker, bingo and sports betting software. Playtech on the other hand got 29% of William Hill’s shares. The thriving collaboration was disrupted this week by a litigation of William Hill against its business partner.

The exact nature of this move has not yet been officially announced. But several gambling experts agree that it might have something to do with Playtech’s recent bid to acquire Ladbrokes. The later being a major competitor of William Hill.

William Hill executives announced several weeks ago they don’t agree with a possible merger. They said they would do anything necessary to protect their special and exclusive relationship with Playtech.

According to the current agreement between the two companies, Playtech may not supply its software brand to any third party provider besides Will Hill. Last week the company tried to discuss possible amendments to this agreement, which would allow them to do so. William Hill’s recently initiated legal action is highly likely to be aimed exactly to disrupt this move.

It’s speculated the deal between Playtech and Ladbrokes might be around £2.2 billion. Considering this, it’s unlikely the company will give up pushing to achieve the possible merger.


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